Website Speed Optimization

Page load speed is the first thing every business owner should think about. Our Optimization Service improves your SEO, increases conversion rates and reduces bounce rates.

Why do you need a

High performance website?

Search Engine Ranking

Google's search engine algorithms rank websites based on their loading speed. Better speed means better ranking.

Good User Experience

A fast site gives your visitors what they want fast, leading to better satisfaction.

Customer Retention

People will visit a site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds, Brand Perfect.

Increase Conversion

Customers are likely to leave your site immediately if it keeps loading too long; and you lose sales.

Attract More Traffic

A fast site attracts more traffic than a slower one. Visitors will often visit and spend more time browsing as they have a good experience there.

Gain Business Credibility

A slow site shows a lack of focus and attention on business. If your customers don't trust you, they won't work with you.

Explore the plans of

Website Speed Optimization

What we do
Host Recommendation
Performance Testing
Theme and Plugin Optimizations
Image Optimization
Browser & Site Caching Configuration
CSS and JS Files Optimizations
Database Optimization
Fonts Optimization
Unused Tables Removal
Video & iframe Optimizations
Scripts Prioritization
Remove Unused CSS
Performance Plugin
FREE Version
Premium Version
Connect CDN (optional)
Speed Increment
15% - 20%
15% - 50%
$250/one-time + $80/year

What does CDN mean?

CDN stands for content delivery network. A CDN is a system of computers that are used to store copies of  your website's resources, such as images, fonts, CSS & JS files, or videos. When someone requests content from a website that is hosted on a CDN, the closest computer in the network will send them the content. This can help reduce load times and improve performance for users who are far from the physical location of the original content.

What if I want to migrate my website to another server?

Our website speed optimization doesn't include migration. If the migration is needed for the Optimization reason or you want to move to another host, the migration fee will be charged based on our pricing.

Does the Optimization has an impact on my current website?

No, it doesn't. We will copy your website to another place and perform the optimization there. When we finish, we apply the changes to your current website.

Do the listed prices apply to any website sizes?

The prices are the initial prices. If your website is big and it needs much effort to optimize, we'll discuss the price with you again.

Can I contact Godital if my website slows down again?

Yes, you can. Whenever you feel that your website speed becomes slower, contact us immediately so that we can check and solve the problem.

Are you ready to see your website fly?

A fast website attracts visitors, improves user experience, increases your company’s credibility, and amazingly grows sales if your website is an online store.